The solar snake repellent is one of the processes done to get rid of snakes that visit your home or yards. This is highly workable so there are many customers demanding solar snake repellent. By using this you are able to control the snakes. This is possible by the solar snake repellent because it sends out the signals through the ground every 30 seconds.


The snakes feel it as the vibration and that makes the snakes distinctly uncomfortable and persuades them to leave that particular area. This device does not affect any kind of snakes it just avoids snakes visiting the area where you live. Many have doubt whether the solar snake repellent works or not. And some do not know how effective the solar snake repellent is. To clear all your confusions am here to explain you about the solar snake repellent.


The solar snake repellent has high spec solar panels and an aluminum cannulation. This aluminum cannulation gives more durability and makes it easier to insert it in to the soil. As aluminum is a better conductor of the repelling vibrations it is placed in to the earth to transmit the warning pulses through the ground. It works with the effective range of 650 M2 and the frequency of the device is 400 Hz. It has a rechargeable battery which is included in the device. It is highly light weighted.

How to use?

A plug will be available in the top and it should be pushed to begin the work and it should be placed in a sunny location. The repeller starts its work and does it whole day and night. If the repeller does not works automatically after 6 hours then you have to change the battery to ensure that they are making correct contact with the terminals.

Just have a check that the repeller is placed in a sunny location and the solar panels are facing the sun. If the solar mole repeller stops works after it has been used for a long time then the battery inside the repeller should be replaced.

Usage of solar snake repellents

As they are solar power systems there is no need to spread expensive and are potentially dangerous and for the most part ineffective chemicals around your home. This pest control unit is very safe to use around children and animals in your home or yard. It helps to keeps snakes out nearly 24 hours a day. Each reptile repellent unit has a range of 15 meters radius which is 45ft. It is simple to install. This device does not have effects to kill snakes. It is the best snake fence to keep any snake away from your home.

It helps to remove any kind of snakes quickly. They are fully enclosed unit operates independent of any other power supply. It will not harm dogs, cats or any other livestock in your home. This highly helps you to get rid of snakes through the radiations made by the device. The vibrations alert the snakes and make them uncomfortable.

So it does not allow the snakes to enter the area which is covered by the solar snake repellent. If the device is placed in the shady area the device do not get charged and they will not work further until it gets recharged. This vibration from the device will not make any damages to the children are the dogs because the aluminum present in the device helps to secure only from the snakes. It repels not only from the non venomous snakes it also works in venomous snakes and do not allow any kind of species that are related to the snakes.

When the device is placed in the sunny location it charge faster and works effectively. You can place this device in your home or yard or in any places where you get distracted by the snakes. There is no trouble to fix the device, it is easy to insert in any kind of surface and offers great protection from almost every were. The device will be weather proof and water proof because they will be placed in the outer area so they should not get damaged by any situations.


Solar snake repellent are one of the product that is invented to get rid of snakes not to kill the snakes. This article may help you to know about the features and advantages of the solar snake repellent. Hope this will guide you and give confidence to you that you are going to be free from the snakes using the solar snake repellent. Get use of the solar snake repellent only to get rid of snakes and no from other creatures. You can trust this device and can see its performance after using it.



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