Repelling snakes from the garden and yard is very important because it will keep the person safe from the harmful predators of the world. Snakes are spread throughout the world and they are common in American and Asian countries. They are considered to be harmful organisms because the venom from the snakes has the capability to kill a person within minutes.


So the snakes should be eradicated from the houses and lawn to safeguard the life of people. There are various ways to eradicate the snakes from the garden. Among them, natural ways are considered to be the smartest and easiest method to eradicate the snakes effectively.

Generally, the natural snake repellents are broadly classified into many types, such as snake repellent plants, homemade snake repellents, organic snake repellents, gardening etc. Some useful information about these snake repellents is listed below.

Homemade snake repellents

The homemade snake repellents are simple snake repellents that can be formulated with the help of materials within the house. Most of the homemade snake repellents are made out of essential oils and some of them are made up of organic materials used within the houses. These materials have an irritating odor for snakes and so the snakes can be expelled immediately. Some commonly used homemade repellents are listed below.

With essential oils

Garlic mixture

The garlic mixture is an easy and effective way used for eradicating the snakes completely away from the yard. The essential ingredients that should be considered while making garlic mixture are 10 bulbs of garlic and essential oils.

The cloves of the 10 bulbs should be removed completely and it should be cleaned thoroughly. Now, take a blender and add some water to it, then add the garlic bulbs and blend it completely till it becomes a paste. After this, remove the paste from the bowl and add some essential oil to it. Even the garlic oil can be used for the cloves because garlic oil also adds performance to the product.

Now place the mixture is a closed plastic bowl. Leave it for few minutes, so that the oil will mess up well. Now add some drops to the places where you feel the snakes might reside. The smell of garlic and other organic oils irritates the snakes and so they completely avoid entering the houses.

Cinnamon clove mixture

 The cinnamon oil is effective oil that has a strong odor with t. similarly, the clove oil is also effective and it too has a strong odor. Both this oils separately has insect resistant feature with it. The mixture of these oils increases the performance of the products and so the efficiency and durability can be maintained high for a long time.

Generally, the cinnamon clove mixture is made out of cinnamon oils, clove oil and eugenol. The combinations of these products attack the snakes to a great extent and they can be sued as an immediate remedy to eradicate the snakes.

With organic elements

Moth balls

The moth balls can also be used as an effective snake deterrent and it can be used for eliminating the snakes to a great extent. The moth balls can be powdered and spread throughout the region of snake alert. This odor and taste of the moth balls irritate the snakes and so the snakes can be placed out of the yard.

Sulfur powder

Next important snake deterrent available within the houses is the sulfur powder. This power is also effective and it can be used for removing and eliminating the shakes completely from the yard. Even the snakes can be trapped to a particular place with the help of sulfur.

Dry repellents

In addition to this, a combination of sulfur and mothballs act as a dry snake deterrent. This snake deterrent can be used both in indoors and outdoors. They can be spread throughout the houses and in the yard and lawn.

Wet repellents

Apart from this, wet snake repellents are also used within the houses. The wet snake repellents can also be made from the homemade materials. To prepare wet snake repellent, 4 cups of ammonia and 1 cup of lemon scented dish soap. The wet repellent can be sprayed throughout the houses and in outdoors. The performance offered by them is high and so it can eliminate snakes to a great extent.

Snake repellent plants

Apart from the above mixtures, you can also use certain plants with the yard these plants are effective and they can be used for eradicating the snakes to a great extent. Some important plants among them are warm wood, Tulbaghia Violaceam, West Indian Lemon Grass, Sarpgandha, Andrographis Paniculata etc. Some useful features of these plants are listed below.

Warm wood

The warm wood is a common plant that is generally growing in nitrogenous soils, in waste places, and in roadsides. This warm wood has various functions with it; it can be used for fixing the nitrogen in the soil. Further, it also can also reduce the level of pests and other factors within the soil. This plant has a strong odor and so it can be used for eradicating various rodents and snakes from the field.


The marigolds are generally considered to be the insect repellent plant that can be used for pest control within the garden. In addition to this, these plants also have snake repellent feature with it. The flowers of marigold plants are attractive and so they can be gardening purpose also.

The plant has a strange odor so that it can repel the snakes to a great extent. Further, the milky sap from the plant erodes the skin of the snake. Hence the snake gets affected naturally and so they move away from the region.

Andrographis Paniculata

The Andrographis Paniculata is a herbaceous plant that has attractive flowers with it. The roots and leaves are bitter in nature and when the snake gets rubbed with the plant; their skin gets swollen and hurt. So the snakes avoid moving to the places with such smell.

Further, if a snake consumers a pray that has Andrographis Paniculata as diet; the bitterness of the plant may cause the death of snakes. These plants are commonly spread in all the Asian countries and so it can be used as an effective repellent.

Rauwolfia Serpentina

The Rauwolfia Serpentina is a common plant that is found most widely in various Asian countries, commonly in India. The stem of this plant is designed with plant repellent feature. Whenever the stem of the plant comes in contact with the snake, it affects various systems within the snakes. Even it causes nervous disorder to the snake so that snakes avoid invading the regions with Rauwolfia Serpentina.

Tulbaghia Violacea

The Tulbaghia Violacea is a gardening plant that is found in various parts of South Africa and in the deserts. This plant needs less water for survival and has an effective snake repelling feature with it. This plant has medicinal value with it and the flowers used within the plants are attractive and they offer higher performance and advanced features to all the users. the odor of the flowers creates an unpleasant feeling to the snakes and so snakes avoid reaching the region with these plants.

Cymbopogon Citratus

The Cymbopogon Citratus is commonly referred as lemongrass in various places. This plant has various medical values with it. Further, the plant looks attractive and it can be used effectively as a gardening plant. Further, it also has pest resistant feature with it, so that it can be used for reducing the pests within any locality.

The leaves of this plant have a decent smell with it. This smell is effective and it makes an irritating feeling within the snakes and so snakes can be avoided and eliminated easily from the houses.


Another important and natural way o eliminate the snakes from the houses is gardening. The gardens of the houses and other regions should be designed in such a way that it becomes less attractive to snakes.

Snakes generally move to a place with clumsy of flowers and plants with it. So that the gardens should be designed in such a way that there is free space within every plant. Further, there are several plants that attract shakes to the houses.

Planting these plants should be neglected completely within the garden. If so, then a number of snake repellents plants can be used within the garden, so that the snakes can be eliminated completely from the garden.

In addition to this, the grasses within the garden should be manicured at required intervals of time. The garden should be fenced properly with 3-4 meters of fencing. This can avoid the entry of snakes into the garden.


The above mentioned are the various natural and easy ways used for eliminating the snakes from the houses and lawn. So try these methods and keep yourself safe from various hazardous environments and conditions.

Hope this article is useful to you. If you have any doubts and queries about snake repellents, refer our reviewed articles or comment it in the box given below.



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