Snake repellent plants are very hard to find out it is very small plant that can is found in the forest area. It is very difficult to kill the reptiles by the natural functional system these reptiles can only be avoided by getting rid from our place by planting some of the plants and by some of the home made remedies.


Most of the people do not like snake in their home. They are the most deadly reptiles so it must be cleared there are some of the snake repellents can be made at home with basic house hold ingredients such as oils and cayenne pepper as well as moth balls and sulfur powder. The moth balls require strategic placement in areas where more snakes comes. While the other are simply sprayed on their skin.

For a short-term the snake repellent can be made from the combination of cinnamon oil and clove oil which is the allergy for the snakes, this can be mixed and sprayed directly on the snake. Snakes have high porous on the outer skins, by which they quickly adopt the pepper which is very harmful for them and produce poison instantly.

Powdered sulfur is the commonly used snake repellent; this remedies acts for long days and keeps the snakes away from the house. You can also simply place it in crackers around your home doors and windows where the snakes can enter, by the crackers smell and sounds they stay away. The moth balls also very dangerous and is poison for the snakes to take.

There are some of the plants also which is used in getting rid of snakes, the plants which give bitter tastes and strong smells that cause discomfort to snakes when they crawl over them. These kinds of plants can be planted around homes and gardens to chase away snakes which cannot tolerate their strong odors in order to prevent us

This review is based on the advice taken from the framers and the hunters who knows well about the serpents and can be provided us from planting some of the essential plants to our garden and the around home.

Natural Snake Repellent Plants


Mari gold is very bright yellowish color and is also known for their bright, cheery flowers they cause their pungent odor, which can be used to rid of insects, nematodes, other reptiles and even snakes in the garden. Still the marigold is not a good snake repellent but many of the farmers plant this as a snake repellent because these plants are cheaply available.

Marigolds are inexpensive very cheap and are easily available to buy as nursery transplants and can be brought easily they are also grown from the seed, as this plants are not harmful, you can also try this in your garden and research. You can sow your marigold around your garden and home; this plant grows in a heavy sunlight and in a moist soil. After the last forts you can planted.

Now a day there is more number of online forums that claim marigolds to avoid snakes. According to the Iowa State University Extension, marigolds are not a snake repellent. But there are some other countries believe that marigold is a good repellent of certain animals.

The Mother-in-law’s tongue (Variegated snake plant )

The Mother-in-law’s tongue plant is named because of its sharp leaves that are very harmful. Snakes are very much afraid of their sharp appearances and they do not like it. these plants are grown by taking the small part of plants by placing it in a pot soil they start splitting from the roots but do not plot it in ground soil.

Provide bright fluorescent or other lighting. This will provide enough light so that the sansevieria plants grow well. These plants are grown at any time; you can plant this at any season and can be placed near the window side. Put the sansevieria plant in an east, west or north. They grow at the sunset if they south facing window. But you are advised to direct at the northern hemisphere they grow fast.

Wormwood (Artemisia)

Wormwood is also the good snake repellent. Artemisia vulgaris mugwort are one of the wormwood they are one of the several species that are included in the word mugwort. This Wormwood is a several species which is also occasionally known as Chrysanthemum Weed, Old Uncle Henry, Felon Herb, Sailor’s Tobacco, Naughty Man, Wild Wormwood, Old Man or St. John’s Plant.

In some places, wormwood is considered as a good snake repellent. It is a tall perennial plant grown along the road side and other wastes with a woody root. This is the plants which are growing on nitrogenous soils. The down side of this plant is that it is an aggressive and invasive plant which gives odor smell and makes the snake run away from it.

The plants provide soil pasteurisation by the Solar to kill mugwort seeds and larger root, it produces a toxic substances which is very harmful for the man and also make the polluted when crawling near the soil. .

They are more dangerous plants for the snakes and is time consuming. These also affect the soil and gets polluted the soil, they affect the human beings who go near to it.

Tulbaghia Violacea

Tulbaghia violacea is a very common plant which is found in the South Africa and the Zulu tribe in the Kalahari Desert, this plants are widely planted in the garden and are mostly found in the garden of all the corners, this is also known as the garden plants. They are the most historical plants which are planted in drought and are the good remedies for many other diseases.

The smell from its flowers and leaves irritate snakes acting as an effective repellent, its leaves are used for the snake bites and are rectified by the leaves which is used from the historical process. The leaves and flowers of the garden plants can be used in salads and other dishes. The leaves are crushed and may be used to help cure sinus, headaches and to discourage moles from the garden.

The smell of the plants makes the animals and insects flew away like, ticks and mosquitoes when crushed on the skin. The fresh bulbs can be boiled and they are taken inside to clear up coughs and colds. Its juices are taken to destroy the internal worms of the stomach and are used as good snake repellent can be planter around our home and garden.

West Indian Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon citratus)

West Indian Lemon Grass is also called as Cymbopogon citratus snakes do not like the citrus fruits so this grass is very dangerous for the snakes when the smell from the leaves. The grass is very tall and it requires very little care by providing it from heavy sun and heavy rain.

The grasses will be burned from the fit of the grasses, when the sun is heavy. And hence they need a little care too. To provide them, this acts as the good snake repellent. The grass has the flavor of the lemon which is more harmful for the snake.

The west Lemon Grass, that is contains citronella which is the base for most mosquito, other insects and snake repellents; so you can plant lots of lemon grass and avoid the snakes and other insects away from your garden. It acts as a good snake repellent because of the detest  smell that emanates from its leaves.

Sarpgandha (Rauwolfia serpentina)

Rauwolfia serpentina is also known as Sarpagandha, these plants are very common plant in India and other Asian countries. In Indian this plant is considers as a snake repellent because the herbs and the root of the plants are very harmful and so this acts as a good snake repellent.

Rauwolfia Serpentina is also used as a medicinal plant because it has a certain ability of curing the diseases, and snake bites. The leaves of the plants are consumed directly or rubbed across the sensitive skin and it cures instantly also it is very harmful for the skins of the snake.

Rauwolfia serpentina is found in many Asian countries, mainly India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Burma, Bhutan, Nepal, Malaysia and Thailand.

Andrographis paniculata

Andrographis paniculata is a herbaceous plant which is commonly found in India and Sri Lanka. This plant is just same as the marigold. It is widely cultivated in Asia continent for the treatment of some dangerous disease. This leaves and roots are very bitter and can be treated as the snake repellent and often used for antibiotics.

These plants are also called as Hempedu Bumi in Malaysia which is literally means ‘bile of earth’ this is the common traditional medicine. This plants when rubbed on the skin of the snake they get swollen on their skins and is more harmful, so this scan be taken as the good snake repellent.


There are many snake repellents plants are more effective and are very cheap to use. These plants are easily available in the waste and in the forest, garden etc. They are very helpful in getting rid of snake. To avoid those snakes from your yard keep your garden and surrounding of your home clean, and plant those plants around your garden and home is the simplest way.



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