Snakes considered as one of the shy animal. It does not disturb us until you disturb that. Some snakes are poisonous and it kills the human being or the pets. Are you having problem with the snakes in your yard or in your home?


Do you want to get rid of the snake and do not know the way to do that? Or you are in any confusion to repeal the snakes with mothballs? This article helps you to guide the effects of mothballs to snakes and whether it works or not.


Mothballs are small balls made of chemical pesticide and deodorant. It is sometimes used when storing clothing and other articles that gets damaged from mold or moth larvae. They are also used in gardens to deter digging rodents. Old mothballs are made by naphthalene.

But nowadays the modern mothballs are made of 14 – dichlorobenzene. Both the naphthalene and the dichlorobenzene evaporate from a solid state directly into a gas. This gas is a toxic to the moth and moth larvae.

Mothballs repels or not

Swallowing or even breathing of mothball may result to poisoning. Due to the pungent odor most of the people have an idea that the moth balls repel snakes. It is really a myth and not a truth at all. There are many people tried killing snakes by using the mothballs and other chemicals but no one has succeeded in that process. The professionals have said that using the mothballs in the home or yard will never kill a snake and it slowly harms the humans in the home.

This gas will not kill the snakes because the ammonia in it will spread a poisonous gas that has the power to kill the moth and the species related to it. A snake will never die by using the small mothballs. The odor from the mothballs will be never noticed by the snakes as it feels normal to it. There may be any side effects to the snakes by breathing the poisonous odor but there is no way to kill it completely.

Continuous usage of mothballs may help to avoid snakes visiting that particular area but the time taken to get rid of the snake will occur changes inside your body also as you too breath the poisonous odor. The older mothballs does not have any effects to kill or disturb snakes but the modern mothball helps to get rid of snakes when you use it in a large amount which is dangerous to humans also.


Using mothballs to repel snakes is really a myth. Do not use the mothball continuously because the poisonous odor from the mothball is harm to the humans who breathe it. The snakes do not die with the smell of the mothball or even it swallows the mothball. Clearly read the information in the label of the mothball packages and other chemicals, they are strictly not recommended to kill snakes. So stop buying chemicals to kill snakes.


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