Most of the people do not like snake in their home. They are the most deadly reptiles so it must be cleared there are some of the snake repellents can be made at home with basic house hold ingredients such as oils and cayenne pepper as well as moth balls and sulfur powder. The moth balls require strategic placement in areas where more snakes comes. While the other are simply sprayed on their skin.


For a short-term the snake repellent can be made from the combination of cinnamon oil and clove oil which is the allergy for the snakes, this can be mixed and sprayed directly on the snake. Snakes have high porous on the outer skins, by which they quickly adopt the pepper which is very harmful for them and produce poison instantly.

Powdered sulfur is the commonly used snake repellent; this remedies acts for long days and keeps the snakes away from the house. You can also simply place it in crackers around your home doors and windows where the snakes can enter, by the crackers smell and sounds they stay away. The moth balls also very dangerous and is poison for the snakes to take.


  • Sulfur
  • Ammonia
  • Moth balls
  • Crushed red pepper
  • Rough rope
  • Lemon dish soap
  • Cinnamon
  • Garlic gloves

Homemade snake repellent recipe

Before trying the home made snake repellent recipe you must first clear the area.

1. Clear the Area

Snakes are very much interested in hunting its prey in spoiled area because it can find more food there, and the snake find the more attractive place to live inside the muddy hole and hunt their food. To avoid these you should keep your yard cleaned. Mow your grass shorter regularly. Clean your yard removing all unwanted lumber, rocks, or other wastes and keep your place cool.

Avoid having pet animals and birds, if they snake get larger sources in your yard they won’t live your yard, if you clear the area by not giving any resources then they will go and find their food at some other places.

2. Try a Dry Repellent (Sulphur, moth ball, red pepper recipe)

After clearing your places there are some more steps to be taken in rid of snakes, you can add some of the home made snake repellent spray to your garden. But firstly you should wear a mask while working with the poisonous mixture and must be in a well-ventilated area. The recipes can be made as to mix 3 cups sulphur, 2 cup moth ball flakes and 1 cup crushed red pepper. Sprinkle this around your garden or yard an around home in a thick line. Replace this mixture for every 30 days or clear it by watering. Wash hands thoroughly after mixing and applying.

3. Try a Wet Repellent (Ammonia, lemon recipes)

If your floor on the yard is wet then you must try alternative recipes to get rid of snake, take a bowl mix 3 cups of ammonia with 2 cup of lemon-scented dish soap then stir it well. Keep in mind that while working with the dangerous liquid wear a mask and must work in a ventilated area to get more oxygen.

Sprinkle the mixture around the area you find more snakes such as yard, garden. Where you want to rid of the snakes away. Replace this mixture for every 2 weeks or after a heavy rain. Wash hands thoroughly after mixing and applying.

4. If You Have Kids or Pets ( homemade rope method)

If you have kids or pets and so you are afraid of leaving the poisonous moth ball on the ground, and by leaving if they take it off there are some of the alternative solution too.

In order to control this kind of misbehavior, you can make use of rope method where you can lay a heavy, rough rope on the ground. The snakes get disturbed by the sensation of the fiber and they don’t like it too, this rope method is another good method in rid of snakes.

5. Safe Recipes (the cinnamon capsules and moth balls)

If you find danger in simply putting the moth balls on the ground you can use of the alternative solution. You can also make holes in the sides of a coffee can or any other plastic can, then fill the can with the cinnamon capsules and moth balls and place the can anywhere you find more snakes and get rid of. You must cover the top of the can and then be places wherever you want too. This smell is very effective and makes the snakes to get rid of. This is the very dangerous smell so you must keep the bottle closed.

So that it does not harm your pet or other animals. These can be getting rid of more snakes by simply using this method, and is for larger use of progress. Since snakes find more problem in smelling moth balls it gets affected easily and is poisonous.

6. Garlic glove recipes

Garlic cloves place peeled garlic cloves strategically on window seals and near doors. You can place this in order to avoid snakes. If you the other method as the toughest one. You can also make use of this.

This garlic gloves are easily available in the kitchen so this can be used as the more larger use and is very cheap efficient product with larger use.


Homemade snake repellents are more effective and are cheap product to use. This product is easily available in market and also in the kitchen. But most commonly use of getting rid of snake is you must keep your home and clean and does not provide food for them to allow into our yard. To avoid those snakes from your yard keep your garden and surrounding of your home clean, and use the best home made solutions.



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