Stop snakes out from your space with these electronic snake repellents. When you install this product, you can able to prevent the snake entrance through broadcasting the vibrations and unpleasant sound from these electronic snakes repellent.


Electronic snake repellent installation operates both day and night timing to guard your life and home like a soldier guarding the country near to the border. This electronic snake repellent tends to protect your home, pets and your loved ones from these deadly harmful creatures.

You can able to attain a continuous alerting from an electronic snake repellant about the warning signal arrives due to the intruder’s approach. Among all electronic snakes repellent available in the today’s market, I have rounded up some of the best top rated electronic snake repellent for your quick decision making.

List Of Best Electronic Snake Repellent

PictureNameKey FeaturePriceOur Rating
VENSMILE solar electronic snake repellentTight sealing$5 Stars (5 / 5)
WoSports snake repellentEasy assemble $4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)
OUTXPRO snake repellentEasy to install$4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)
Generic outdoor electronic snake repellentNo interference $4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)
XingYa Solar ultrasonic snake repellentNo chemical $4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

VENSMILE solar electronic snake repellent

If you to get rid of the snakes out from the yards and garden around your home, then make use of this VENSMILE solar electronic snake repellent machine. This electronic snake repellent emits an extreme range of vibration for every 50 seconds through its double effective electric motors implementation.

Through this double effective electric motor, snake can able to sense its vibrations similar to the effect of an earthquake. So snake sense it as a dangerous symbol to quickly move out from that area and return back to its normal area.

Its solar powered electric snake repellent consist of an inbuilt mono crystalline solar panels and 1200 mA rechargeable battery to make the device work for a whole day. This electronic snake repellant constitutes the ability to spread its vibration up to 7500 square feet coverage area.

This human safe unit does not include any toxic chemical substances to harm the surrounding pets and children. Its weather resistant comes out with tight sealing of weather proof cover to safeguard your unit from worst weather conditions.

Our #1 Pick:VENSMILE solar electronic snake repellent

Special Feature:

This solar electronic snake repellent comes out with a double effective electronic motor with tight sealing of weather proof resistant ability to effectively repel snakes out from your yards and gardens.

Key features:vensmile-repellent

+ Human safe unit,

+ Weather resistant proof.


+ Tight sealing,

+ Prevent snake entrance.

Our Rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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WoSports snake repellent 

You can provide your space a great pest protection everywhere with this WoSports solar ultrasonic electronic snake control repellent. It is effective with the coverage area up to 650 square meters around your home, yards and gardens.

This ultrasonic solar electronic snake repellent is compatible to repel against snakes, rats, rodents, mice and other harmful reptiles out from your space. It emits sound waves to drives away every snake very efficiently. Its high gained solar panels are specially designed with aluminum cannulation to provide more durability to insert into the soil easily.

Its sonic sound waves, vibration technology and frequency conversion solar mode emits high range of sound waves for repelling purpose. This action further causes much irritation and stimulates them to repel all the snakes away from non radiated areas.

Our #2 Pick:WoSports snake repellent

Special Feature:

This solar electronic snake repellent makes use of an ultrasonic vibration technology and sonic sound waves to repel all the snakes and other harmful reptiles out from your garden or home.

Key features:wosports-repellent

+ Solar snake repellent,

+ Aluminum solar panels.


+ Easy assembly,

+ Repel efficiently.


+ Unpleasant sound effect.

Our Rating: 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

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OUTXPRO snake repellent

With the OUTXPRO powerful ultrasonic solar electronic snake repellent, you can able to diminish all snakes out from your lawn, yard, garden and home. You can keep your space and loved ones safe from harmful reptiles like snakes, rats, moles, rodents and others.

It greatly includes pest controlling service without adding any harmful chemicals to your space for repelling activities. This maintenance free electronic snake repellent emits powerful vibrating ultrasonic sound waves in all directions throughout your space to get rid of snakes.

This electronic snake repellent cause such extreme irritations to snakes which makes it evacuate from you space without causing any damage to your life. Its solar energy powered unit enables to collect enough energy from sun during daytime and continue to operate after dark for repelling unwanted visitors.

You can install this snake repellent device in the direct sun lighting such that it ensures your solar panel to grasp more energy up to greater extent. It constitutes the ability to repel the snakes with the coverage ranging of 6000 square feet distance.

Our #3 Pick:OUTXPRO snake repellent

Special Feature:

This electronic snake repellent unit does not require any maintenance service and it also include pest controlling service for repelling the snakes dynamically.

Key features:outxpro-repellent

+ 6000 sq feet coverage,

+ Solar panels.


+ Maintenance free unit,

+ Easy to install.


+ Limited coverage area.

Our Rating: 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

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Generic outdoor electronic snake repellent

Getting continuous pest irritation and looking for the best electronic repellent to get rid of it? Take a look down at Generic outdoor electronic pet repellent product which is an efficient for you to repel snakes and other reptiles out from your space.

Its unique sonic harassment and predator sound comes out with the intense flashing strobe light to eliminate the unwanted pests. The modified ultrasonic sound waves are included in this electronic snake repellent to keep on irritating the harmful predators and deter its way.

You can able to easily install this high quality ABS made plastic snake repellent unit for repelling the snakes. Its IPS also provides no interference from the power system even if the battery fails. Its unique technologies such as ultrasonic emission setting, day/night mode and operation time selection allow you to easily take a control over this product.

This four button remote control included with the three modes of pest repelling technologies to make some adjustment with intensive flash light strobe, sonic and predator harassment sound and ultrasonic high pressure sound waves.

Our #4 Pick:Generic outdoor electronic snake repellent

Special Feature:

This generic electronic snake repellent make use of the pest repelling technology which comes out with the four buttons remote control option to provide complete comfort for you to repel the snakes.

Key features:generic-repellent

+ Remote control option,

+ Intensive flashing strobe.


+ High quality plastic,

+ No interference.


+ Lacking of solar panels.

Our Rating: 4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)

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XingYa Solar ultrasonic snake repellent

Connect XingYa ultrasonic solar snake repellent in your outdoor gardens, yards and home to enjoy the pest free environment around your space. XingYa solar ultrasonic snake repellent unit is one of the environment safe products that helps you to efficiently eradicate every unwanted visitors especially a snake.

With the use of this electronic snake repellent, you can avoid the usage of chemicals, pesticides, traps and other deadly things. This electronic snake repellent is powered up by a solar cell so that you don’t require any additional batteries.

It makes use of both ultrasonic sound waves and vibration technology to scare the harmful visitors such as snake, mole, mice, rodent, rat and others. This ultrasonic snake repellent automatically collect its energy from the direct sun exposure during daytime and make use of it during night timing. It is very effective to cover the area up to 650 sq feet for repelling snakes.

Our #5 Pick:XingYa Solar ultrasonic snake repellent

Special Feature:

This electronic snake repellent provides you a pest free environment with the effective repelling coverage up to 650 sq feet around your home, yards and gardens.

Key features:xingya-solar-repellent

+ Effective solar cells,

+ Ultrasonic sound waves.


+ Repel unwanted pets,

+ Avoid chemical usage.


+ Bit noisy.

Our Rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

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When you make use of any one of the above mentioned electronic snake repellents, you can able to build pest prevention around your space that let you to forget about the snakes permanently. I do hope that this review article helps you to pick the best electronic snake repellent that suits well around your space to repel an unwanted visitors.


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